Higgins' Hints: Use SelfRestraint app to get more productive


Is Facebook eating into face time with real people?  Social networks, on-line shopping, and computer games waste a few hours of my day (on my days off).  After surfing the net, my floors are not any cleaner, and my dogs and I probably gain a few ounces a day from lack of activity.

So I decided to get SelfRestraint, well not me personally but an app called SelfRestraint.  It allows me to pick email, websites, and applications that use the web and block them for a period of time set by me.  You can block those addictive sites from minutes to hours.  Just enter the sites you want to temporarily block, set how long you want them blocked and hit GO.    If you decided to use this app, take note that it’s almost impossible to disable, so you will have to wait until the timer expires to access the site you blocked.  If you're tired of wasting valuable time, try SelfRestraint, it’s for Windows.

Mac OS X users can use an almost identical app is called SelfControl.