Higgins' Hints: Great app for Brewers fans


Major League Baseball’s ”At the Ballpark” app is a must have for Milwaukee Brewer fans.  This app is being rolled out at just a few stadiums this year, and we are lucky enough to have Miller Park on that list!

This app is great for new or experience baseball fans.  The most useful feature is GPS maps of the stadium to help you find your seats.  Once your have your seat, you can located the closest bathroom, water fountains, food, and beverage stands with the click of a button.  Need to a new Brewer hat, no problem, the map will show you the nearest vendor for all things Brewers.

If you’re a big baseball fan there are a ton of features to track players, post on social web sites, and even see video highlights of games you have attended.  There is even more you can do with this app so just download it; it's FREE and easy to use!

FYI… The home opener for the Brewers is May 31st against the Atlanta Braves.