Harsh winter takes a toll on area greenhouses

Flower at Mayflower Greenhouse
Flower at Mayflower Greenhouse

HOBART - This harsh winter is taking its toll on some area greenhouses.

Mayflower Greenhouse in Hobart started spring planting in December.

Usually by now, there would be six greenhouses filled with plants.

However, because it has been so cold this winter, all of the plants are being kept in just one greenhouse as a cost saving measure.

Despite the cramped growing space, gardeners say everything should be ready and beautiful by May.

"We're going to have the plants ready for you, and we're going to have them ready by May no matter what. We've talked about heat. We'll pump up the heat a little bit and we'll get everything kicked into high gear and ready to go for you," said Jamie Hemenway.

Mayflower hopes to open the rest of the greenhouses sometime next week.