Gun-rights activists take to the streets in downtown Green Bay

FOX 11's Bill Miston
FOX 11's Bill Miston

GREEN BAY - Gun-rights supporters took to the streets in downtown Green Bay overnight for a demonstration.

Charles Branstrom of Appleton and about a dozen of his friends stood outside several bars on S. Washington St., some carrying concealed weapons.

The area is where a bystander caught an altercation between a Green Bay police officer and a bar patron on video last weekend.

Police say an external agency is reviewing the incident and cell phone video that spurred Branstrom's visit. In the video, 29-year-old Joshua Wenzel can be heard cursing at Green Bay police officer Derek Wicklund. Wicklund then knocks down Wenzel. Wenzel was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Wicklund is temporarily assigned to other work while the department investigates.

Branstrom got police and public attention for two incidents in the Fox Cities last year. In September, Branstrom legally carried a rifle on College Avenue in Appleton near the farm market. In November, police stopped him in Neenah while he was legally carrying a 12-gauge shotgun.

Branstrom told FOX 11's Bill Miston spending more than three hours on the sidewalk was well spent, to make sure no one was unlawfully harassed by police.

"I didn't see anything bad happen. You know, we just came out, had a presence and made sure everybody acted within the law," Branstrom said.

Green Bay police tell FOX 11 the night was quieter than expected. The department says there were no disturbances on Washington St., either from Branstrom's group or unruly bar patrons.