Green Bay sets record for days with sub-zero temperatures

Green Bay has endured a record number of days with sub-zero temperatures.
Green Bay has endured a record number of days with sub-zero temperatures.

GREEN BAY - How does this weather rate for those living it everyday?

Many people say it's certainly a winter to remember.

Even after sunrise Friday, an unofficial thermometer showed -18.

By noon, temperatures rebounded, but the damage was done.

"It can change real quick. It's getting cold," said Leroy Hoertsch, Dunham Express delivery driver.

Hoertsch says he spends up to 12 hours a day in the elements.

"And you're sore, you're constantly sore from just being cold, shivering and stuff, and the body's got to work a lot harder to stay warm," said Hoertsch.

People out and about say layers are the key.

"You got to have long johns, you got to have the hoodie, two hoodies, gloves with the thinsulate, and always got to have a scarf, not one, but two," said Shawn Butcher, Green Bay.

The last time it was this cold, this long, the nation was just celebrating its 200th birthday. The owner of Transitions Hair Care says she remembers it well.

"It was the winter we came back from Puerto Rico after my husband was in the service. We stayed nice and tight inside the house, all winter long," said Mary Frailing, Transitions Family Hair Care owner.

This winter, water main breaks, frozen pipes, and faucets set to a trickle, illustrate harsh conditions throughout the area.

"Certainly there will be quite a bit of rebuilding, fixing as we get into a thaw, later this spring," said Jeff Last, National Weather Service meteorologist.

Meteorologists say last season in Green Bay, there were only 10 days below zero and only four, the winter before.

"There are long-term climatological cycles that we do track. It's difficult to say whether this is part of one of those or not. Certainly we don't anticipate this to be a norm," said Last.

Meanwhile, people we talked to say science aside, they're ready for spring.

"The other day I just hit the wall. Enough is enough. It needs to go away," said Frailing.

"This is my last winter. I'm retiring after this so, it's pretty much done with so I don't care after this winter," said Hoertsch.

We aren't out of the woods yet. There are still three more weeks until spring.

Another week of overnight lows is in the forecast, and snow is still piling up.