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      Green Bay police investigating two deaths

      GREEN BAY - Green Bay police officers say they found the bodies of a man and woman, Monday morning, in an east side apartment.Now they're trying to figure out how the two died, but they say it does not appear to be from natural causes.Police say the bodies of a 52-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman were found in one of the four apartment units at 1055 Bader Street.Residents of the apartments say they hadn't heard from one of their neighbors since Saturday night."All day quiet, quiet," said Neng Lo. "This morning it's quiet, but I don't know anything."They knew something was up when Green Bay police officers showed up."The employer of the lady that lived there called and stated she hadn't been at work recently, so they requested we check her welfare," said Lt. Jeff Brester with the Green Bay Police Department.When police arrived they looked in the window and saw a person lying on the floor."Officers forced entry into the apartment and they found a deceased male and deceased female inside," said Brester.Police aren't releasing the identity of the two people or the relationship between them. However, neighbors say a man and a woman lived together in the unit."Our forensic science team was out there and they've been collecting evidence and once we get all the evidence collected, we'll determine what could and couldn't have been used as a weapon," said Brester.Authorities say they aren't looking for any suspects and don't believe the public is any danger. However neighbors are still concerned."It's just creepy," said Mary Williams. "Just knowing my bedroom is right there by their bedroom. It's creepy."Police say they'll be talking with neighbors, hoping they can help as officers try to identify what might have happened.Police expect to have autopsy results Tuesday morning, and then they say they'll release more information.