Green Bay police investigating officer's actions

Green Bay Police Investigation
Green Bay Police Investigation

GREEN BAY - Cell phone video involving Green Bay police is making the rounds on social media. Now a police lieutenant tells FOX 11 the department is investigating whether one of its officers acted inappropriately.

The person who shot the video says it is from an incident after bar close on Friday night in downtown Green Bay, on Washington Street. The person who shot the video gave FOX 11 permission to show it. However, he did not want his name shared.

In the video, you can hear a person yelling profanities at an officer. The officer then pins the person on a squad car and then takes him down to the ground. The video has now been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

The video was posted at about 3:30 Monday afternoon. FOX 11 saw it within an hour.

Shortly after, Green Bay Police Lt. Andrew Opperman told FOX 11 the department's Professional Standards Division is investigating the incident because it involves an officer.

The department would not release any more information Monday night.

Witnesses tell FOX 11 the incident started after a person was arrested for bringing a drink out of a bar.

They say three people were arrested, one for the open intoxicant. It's unclear what the second person was arrested for. The third person arrested is the one you see taken down in the video.

The video was turned in to police on Sunday.

So far two witnesses have told FOX 11 they have gone to Green Bay police with concerns. They want the department to review the video and determine if the officer's actions were appropriate.

“I can see how my friend got charged with disorderly conduct, but I think the resisting arrest part of it was a little bit, I don't see where that happened,” said Joe Davidson of Green Bay. “I think the force was excessive.”

Lt. Opperman says the department will release more information Tuesday.

FOX 11 will continue to follow this story and will bring you more information as soon as the department makes it available.