Green Bay homeless task force weighs options

Resource Center
Resource Center

GREEN BAY - Members of Green Bay's homeless task force say they have new leads about a possible location for a daytime resource center, but they wouldn’t go into detail on what they might be.

On Thursday, FOX 11 reported the site search was renewed when the owner of a proposed site on South Adams backed out of an agreement.

On Good Friday, Pastor Manuelus Reacco is frying up some help for the homeless at Transformation House.

Transformation House is a transitional facility for homeless men. They pay $75 a week to stay at the facility. Money from the fish fry will be used to help fill 16 empty beds.

“When we have them that's extra electricity, water, there's feeding them, so it's a lot of extra expense,” said Reacco.

Reacco says he's offered up the basement of the Transformation House for a daytime resource center for the homeless.

“The lower level might not be big enough to do what they're trying to do, but it's a start,” said Reacco.

Alderman Mark Steuer with the city's homeless task force says they'll look into the Transformation House and any other option. Steuer says it’s been difficult having two different landlords back out of deals in less than a year. The other site was the basement of the Wisconsin Jobs Center building.

“I'm very disappointed today, but maybe in the long run this will just throw another spark in another direction and I think I'm just going to stay open to that,” said Steuer on Thursday.

As for Transformation House, Reacco says it has similar resources as the daytime center is hoping to provide. He says they are mostly available for the men that stay there.

“There's a lot of men in the area that need help and so far we've been able to impact that area a whole lot,” said Reacco.

However, Reacco says if the need is there, his facility is willing to help anyone in need.
Reacco was found guilty of welfare fraud last year. In 2012 he admitted to FOX 11 he used food stamps to buy food for Transformation House. Food stamps are intended to feed one individual.