Grading scale changing at Green Bay schools

Green Bay Area Public School District, Green Bay schools, GBAPSD
Green Bay Area Public School District, Green Bay schools, GBAPSD

GREEN BAY- Students in the Green Bay School District who receive letter grades for their work will have a new grading scale when school resumes.

The school board approved the changes unanimously tonight that will put Green Bay in line with many other districts.

Students will soon be able to earn an A-minus or a B-plus in Green Bay Schools.

“I'm pleased with the board's decision to pass this motion. I think the parents of the Green Bay area public school students as well as the students themselves are going to be thrilled,” said Jerrod Valley, a science teacher at Preble High School.

Valley was a member of the task force to create the new system.

"I think this bodes well for their ability to compete with area students around,” said Valley.

The previous grading scale looked like this:
A: 93-100
B: 86-92
C: 77-85
D: 70-76
F: 69 or lower.

This is what the new scale will look like:
A: 93-100
A-: 92-90
B+: 89-87
B: 86-83
B-: 82-80
F: 59 or lower.

93 and above was an A. There were no plusses or minuses. Under the new system, teachers say they will have more flexibility.

Students receiving a 92 will now be able to earn an A-minus instead of a B, which educators say more accurately reflects student performance.

"It's difficult for a student that's on the border. A student that's at 92.4 % you don't want to hurt their grade point average. You want them to be able to compete with students around town and having the power to give that student a 3.6 on that GPA rather than a 3.0, is powerful,” said Valley.

Students on the committee told FOX 11 last week that having a higher GPA can mean hundreds of dollars in scholarship money.

Valley says most teachers support the new system.

"Eighty-four point nine percent of Green Bay Area Public School teachers were in favor of making a change to this, so it was very well received,” said Valley.

The new grading scale will take effect for all students in the Green Bay Schools this fall.

The school district says the grading scale won't be retroactive, so existing GPAs will stand.