Gov. Walker answers questions from FOX News

Gov. Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker faced questions from FOX News this weekend.

The governor was in Washington, D.C. for the annual Governors Association meeting. While in Washington, 27,000 emails and other documents related to a John Doe investigation were released.

FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace said to Governor Walker, "Thousands of e-mails were released this week that indicate that you knew public workers were working on county time in political campaigns, which is against the law."

"That's just absolutely not true," said Walker. "If you look at the facts out there, this is old news."

Walker said his political opponents were trying to change the subject from his successes as governor to what he repeatedly called "old news." Wallace pressed him, asking "if county workers were doing nothing wrong, why should they be using a private e-mail account?"

"That's exactly to my point," said Walker. "You had a Democratic district attorney spend three years looking at every single one of those communications interviewing people, talking to people and he closed the case last March."

Wallace also asked if Walker knew about a private email account used by staffer to do campaign work. Walker did not answer the question, saying instead "I'm not going to get into 27,000 pieces of information."

After Walker's appearance on FOX News, the Democratic National Committee sent out a statement which read: "Just because Scott Walker isn't behind bars today doesn't mean he is not guilty of unethical behavior that has broken the public trust. While a second investigation into related conduct moves forward, the governor still needs to explain his actions and how such wide-spread illegal activity could happen under his nose."

That second investigation is looking into whether Walker's campaign illegally coordinated with outside groups during the recall election in 2012.