GB police respond to report of armed teenager

GB Police respond to report of armed teen
GB Police respond to report of armed teen

GREEN BAY - Green Bay police responded to a report of a teenager with a gun on the city's near east side Wednesday night.

The gun ended up being fake, but police did find a small amount of drugs inside a Stuart St. house, near Roosevelt St.

“We have had a history with this house, nothing of this type that I know of,” said Lt. Pat Childs with the Green Bay Police Department. “The people that were here we have a history with, some of them don't live here and we have a pretty significant history with them of this type of activity.”

Police say neighbors called them at about 7 o’clock after seeing a group of kids outside the house. They say one of kids was displaying a gun in a threatening manner.

When police arrived, the kids ran into the house, but ended up coming back out peacefully.

“We did locate the handgun,” said Childs. “It was a facsimile gun, but looked just like a real handgun. Nobody was hurt. We don't have any information on anybody else that was threatened with it or anything like that but the investigation is ongoing.”

Authorities took six people into custody; all but one was a juvenile.

Police say the city's gang task force was on the scene to determine if anyone involved had gang ties.