GB police investigating threats to officers in wake of viral arrest video

Green Bay Police Department
Green Bay Police Department

GREEN BAY – Green Bay police say the department is investigating threats made to its officers, in the wake of an arrest video that went viral.

The video was taken more than a week ago around bar closing time on S. Washington St. in downtown Green Bay. The cell phone video shows Joshua Wenzel, 29, swearing at Green Bay Police officers. Wenzel is then taken down by Officer Derek Wicklund.

Wenzel says he wasn’t hurt and admitted to drinking that night, but told FOX 11 he felt it didn't play a role in his arrest for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

An investigation into the incident is underway by the Green Bay Police Department.

Anonymous threat

But now, a new video published on YouTube on April 23 says it's targeting Wicklund, the department, the police union and more.

"We have our operations in motion and will see that every party involved – including the other officers who did nothing to stop this – will be dealt with, as well as their families," the video said.

The eerily vague message was uploaded by the YouTube user “Anonymous”.

The video alleges to be from a collective of hackers known as Anonymous. It has thousands of views.

FOX 11 wanted to talk to Green Bay Police Chief Tom Molitor about the video. He declined our request for comment, but did say he is aware of the video and would only say that the department is investigating “threats to officers”. The police union has not yet responded to our requests for comment on the YouTube video.

The video has caught the attention of city hall, however.

FOX 11's Bill Miston asked city attorney Tony Wachewicz if anything is being done about it.

"At this point, the police department is investigating the matter,” Wachewicz replied, “And that's really all that I can say at this point."

State DOJ to review results

Wachewicz says there are no additional taxpayer dollars being spent on the police department’s investigation of the Washington Street arrest.

When finished, the department will turn the investigation results over to the Wisconsin Department of Justice for review.