Friends remember victims of murder-suicide

Damien Veraghen (left) playing baseball with the Miracle League of Green Bay.
Damien Veraghen (left) playing baseball with the Miracle League of Green Bay.

GREEN BAY - After police rule a mother and son's death on Green Bay's west side a murder-suicide, friends remember the 9-year-old boy.

His name was Damien Veraghen and he played baseball with the Miracle League of Green Bay.

Police say the mother and son were found dead in their apartment earlier this week.

With a Red Sox jersey and a number three on the back, those who knew him say nine-year-old

Damien Veraghen loved playing baseball.

"He was happy and he loved the bats. That's the one thing that I remember about Damien. We only had a game once a week but Damien loved the baseball bat," said Julie Taylor.

Juile Taylor is the team mom for the Miracle League of Green Bay.

The league gives children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball.

Paul Liegeois is the founder of the Miracle League and says Veraghen was autistic and had epilepsy but that didn't stop him from playing.

"He'd be happy to see his coach and every game, he would just light up," said Liegeois.

Members of the league say Veraghen's mom took him to every game.

"She was an excellent woman. She was a great mom and very supportive of him," Taylor said.

The 9-year-old's life was cut short after autopsy results say he was suffocated. Police believe his mother was responsible for the boy's death.

A picture of the mother and son accompanied their obituaries in the newspaper.

"We suspect April died as a result of a combination of some prescription medication, although we don't have the toxicology results at this time, coupled with hypoxia due to suffocation," said Lt. Chad Ramos with the Green Bay Police Department.

Police also say a family advocate from the Brown County area, through support services, contacted police on Tuesday.

"The advocate relayed to us that morning some concerns about April's welfare and that's what prompted our response," Ramos said.

Police say they found the mother and son in the living room.

Police don't know if the mother suffered from depression but say she made comments about having some difficulties in her life.

They say she left a note, but they did not reveal its contents.