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      Fox Valley Moose Lodge hosts free Easter meal

      APPLETON - Hundreds of people in the Fox Valley gathered for a special Easter meal Sunday.It was put on by the "We Care Meals Group" at Appleton Moose Lodge.This is the 27th year for the event.Volunteers helped prepare the more than 400 pounds of ham and turkey, along with all of the fixings.Organizers say as many as 2,000 people took in the free meal.They say the event is a great way to get people together."Our goal isn't to give someone a hot meal. Our goal is to see if we can get with people and give them that opportunity to meet, talk and be around other people. Any holiday you have you're alone it's very lonely. Our goal is to stop that," said event organizer, Ed Rathsack.Rathsack says this year is the last year at the Moose Lodge, as the building is up for sale.He says they are already looking at a few places to hold the dinner next year.