Fox Valley man sentenced for 11th OWI conviction

Patrick Schober (Outagamie County Jail)
Patrick Schober (Outagamie County Jail)
APPLETON - An Appleton man convicted of his 11th drunk driving arrest was sentenced to 4-and-a-half years in prison.

Patrick Schober was arrested in October, 2012, after an officer saw him speeding and swerving down the road.

Besides the prison term, Schober, 50, will spend 4.5 years on extended supervision, must complete 60 hours of community service, have his driver's license revoked for three years, then must have an ignition interlock for three years, according to online court records.

During Monday's hearing, Outagamie County Judge Michael Gage also ordered Schober not to go into any bars, taverns or businesses where the primary purpose is to sell alcohol. Furthermore, he is prohibited from having alcohol in his home, and probation and parole agents can search his residence for alcohol.