Fox Valley company donates time to do good in the community

Fox Valley company donates time to do good in the community
Fox Valley company donates time to do good in the community

GREEN BAY - Area workers marked Good Friday by making a difference in the community.

For the past three years, Good Friday has been a day to give back for Cincinnati-based Cintas Corporation.

This year, around 70 employees from its Greenville location supported eight organizations around the area.

A day dedicated to helping others included peeling away at the problem of hunger, one label at a time.

"We work hard all year taking care of our customers, and we think it's important that we give back to the community that we work in," said Cintas employee, Chad Blohm.

At Paul's Pantry, this group of Cintas employees removed labels from peanut butter jars.

The jars must be stripped so they can't be returned to the store for money.

With hundreds of families visiting the pantry each day, the work never ends.

"We always need groups to get certain things done. We always have other volunteers, but this is a special project that has to be done without any interruption," said Paul's Pantry general manager, Angie Allard.

Other Cintas employees spent time here at St. John's Homeless Shelter. They deep cleaned the floor of the front entrance and that's not all.

The group also scrubbed down the restroom area, ridding it of dirt and grime.

"It's a little bit of tough work but nothing that we're not used to. We're willing to go above and beyond and do whatever we need to do," said Cintas employee, Steve Hoelzel.

Shelter officials say many people have stayed at the shelter this year, and the extra help is needed.

"Having different groups and organizations like Cintas come down and help clean, just after we've had a long season - lots of bodies in here - it's a big help, we really appreciate it," said Jackie Ebert with St. John's Homeless Shelter.

In turn, those giving their time appreciate the opportunity to make a difference.

"At the end of the day, you get a really good sense of accomplishment knowing that you helped someone else out in need," said Hoelzel.

Each group spent up to four hours helping out.