FOX 11 Follow Up: FVTC president wants forensic training field issue "put to rest"

A file photo of FVTC's Public Safety Training Center.
A file photo of FVTC's Public Safety Training Center.

GREENVILLE - We have a FOX 11 Follow Up on a so-called body farm at Fox Valley Technical College.

The college's president is asking people to put the issue to rest.

It involves a forensic training field that researchers would use it to study the decomposition of bodies.

The site would be next to the Outagamie County Airport.

FVTC President Susan May is responding to criticism for the plans on her blog.

May says right now, the field is only a concept, an idea, and a possibility for further consideration.

She adds that it is nowhere near actual implementation and several steps still need to be addressed, including regulatory requirements and research and development.

The proposal was part of a referendum that was approved in 2012.

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May says there were public hearings to provide answers to any questions.

At one of them on April 10, we heard criticism from some people who live near the planned site.

“I attended all these early meetings and they called it an outdoor forensic lab, not having any clue what that meant,” said Pam Mueller.

“You want to buy my house? I'll sell my house because my house is going to lose value because of this,” said Matteo Sollena.

Fox Valley Tech also says it conducted an environmental impact assessment and the results have been on its website since 2012.