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      Former Associated Bank building now office space for non-profits

      GREEN BAY - A former bank building in downtown Green Bay has now become office space for some non-profit groups.Associated Bank publicly turned over ownership of the building on N. Adams St. to NeighborWorks Monday.NeighborWorks specializes in housing and development. It will head up the effort to bring in more non-profit groups."In the hopes - not only that they achieve some operating efficiencies, at lower costs to be able to use more of their resources to make an impact in the community, but also they are enjoying the synergies that come from working in proximity with other people who are trying to make the community a better place," said Noel Halvorsen, executive director of NeighborWorks Green Bay.Some of the space is already filled. It's being used by the Brown County United Way and the Girl Scouts, organizations that have vacated other buildings in the area.Public records say for tax purposes the building has been valued at nearly $1 million.