Fond du Lac County sheriff’s deputy cited in 2012 crash

Deputy Ryan Flood
Deputy Ryan Flood

FOND DU LAC - Monday was an emotional day in a Fond du Lac County courtroom. A sheriff's deputy involved in a crash that killed a man will not face any criminal charges and the victim's family helped with that decision.

Sarah Koenigs spoke about her son Matthew through tears Monday.

"Seeing your child go before you is something no parent should ever do. Matt is the reason I'm up here today, not because he died, but because he lived," said Sarah Koenigs.

In August 2012, Deputy Ryan Flood was responding to an emergency call in the town of Eden. Matthew Koenigs was parked at a stop sign, and as he pulled forward, his car collided with Flood's squad. Koenigs died from the impact.

Flood admitted he did not have his emergency lights or siren on and was speeding.

"My condolences to all of you and I am truly sorry for the loss of your son," said Flood, from the witness stand to the Koenigs family.

Flood will pay about $550 for traffic tickets. As part of the decision, Flood will share his story with other officers during training to prevent similar incidents. He also paid for Matthew Koenigs' funeral.

The prosecutor, defense attorney and Koenigs' family decided together not to bring Flood to a criminal trial.

"How do we move forward? With anger and hatred in our hearts? Or with love, the way Matt would want us to?" asked Sarah Koenigs from the stand.

"With this resolution, Mr. Schimel and I can control the outcome and make sure that the Koenigs got some respect," said defense attorney Jordan Loeb.

"Everyone walked away getting the things that were most important to them," said special prosecutor and Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel.

The legal story is not yet in the past. The Koenigs have brought a $1.5 million civil lawsuit against Flood and Fond du Lac County. The lawsuit is scheduled for a jury trial in January.

On the stand, Flood said no matter what happens next, the crash will haunt him forever.

"I want you to know that this accident has affected me in so many ways. Even if I wanted to forget, I never will," he said, through tears.