Fond du Lac gives water instructions to residents

Fond du Lac gives out water instructions
Fond du Lac gives out water instructions

FOND DU LAC - Operating since 2002, this winter has been Mand Plumbing's busiest.

“This winter has been pretty crazy,” said Josh Mand, the owner. “We've been out every day and every night with everything from a frozen roof drain to a frozen sewer to frozen water laterals.”

The issue has become so serious that the city of Fond du Lac is now asking all of its residents to run water for at least five minutes, three times a day.

“The situation has just gotten much worse with pipes freezing up in the ground, water pipes, both mains with in the middle of the street, but also services that go to people's homes,” said Jordan Skiff, the director of public works for Fond du Lac.

The city is taking it a step further for more than 300 customers who are more susceptible to freezing pipes. They are supposed to let their water trickle out around the clock. Those residents should have received a letter in the mail.

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“Usually it’s because the pipes aren't as deep as other homes' might be, so if that frost is getting down to five feet and your water services are in that range then its surrounded by frozen soil and its more susceptible to freezing,” said Skiff.

The city's list of residents without water is growing. Officials say resources are limited to thaw underground pipes, meaning it could take days to restore service.

“It's been really challenging,” said Skiff. “We've got a crew of only about three or four people who typically do this along with some contracted help to thaw out frozen services between the water main and the street and then the person's house.”

The city has called on Mand Plumbing for help. The company recommends running water all day.

“Moving water doesn't freeze, standing water will,” said Mand.