Flyover ramps open, but some drivers find difficulties


GREEN BAY- A major change for drivers on the West side of the Green Bay area: The first flyover ramps are open.

But while they make things easier for some drivers, others say they are difficult to navigate.

The new flyover ramps have been five years in the making.

They're part of the interchange connecting U-S highway 41 and State Highway 29 in Howard. The interchange is near the Shawano Avenue exit.
It's the day drivers have waited years for.

“After I fill up here it's going to be my first day going on there,” said Tori Tome of Green Bay.

“Unbelievable, it's like a big city,” said Diane Klein of Green Bay.

These fly-over ramps connecting Highway 41 and Highway 29 near Shawano Avenue opened Thursday morning.

“That's for people going from one highway to another highway,” said Mark Kantola with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. “The local traffic will use the local roads, Shawano and Packerland.”

But the new flyover ramps are causing some confusion for drivers who are headed west on 29 and thought they could get off on Packerland. They'll have to drive more than three miles down the road here to this intersection of Sunlite Drive and 29 in Hobart, because there are no other exits.

Drivers making U-turns at the intersection caused backups.

“It takes people time to adjust to how to get where they're going when there's a new road in place,” said Kantola.

If you're headed east on 29 into Green Bay, you can still exit onto Packerland. But don't get too comfortable.

“Shawano Avenue on July 7 is going to be closed from Taylor to Packerland, that entire intersection,” said Kantola. “The detour route we're suggesting to get to Packerland is taking Mason Street, highway 54 whether you're going north or south.”

Some drivers were unaware of the upcoming closure.

“Ouch! I never thought about that. So that's something I will have to think about,” said Tome.

Others are already planning.

“It's going to be a nightmare. We're going to either go north, or head south, because I always use Shawano Avenue for my entrance. So it’s going to be a big inconvenience for me,” said Klein.

And as summer travel season heats up, drivers say patience will be their co-pilot as they navigate these new paths.

The project still has three years to go.