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      Fight at Green Bay Preble being investigated

      GREEN BAY - An investigation into the fights among students at Preble High School in Green Bay continues.The incidents will keep extra police at the school for now. Officers have been there since last week.What are being described as isolated incidents is affecting the roughly 2,400 students at Preble.School officials say only a small number of students were involved in fights last week."There was talk of, you know, drive by shootings, things like that. Some of this stuff is used loosely but at the time we need to make sure that we take preventative measures," said Lt. Chad Ramos, Green Bay Police Department.Police officers have been working with Preble administrators since two fights broke out on campus last week.Police say one student's jaw was injured and another student was knocked down during the disturbance."I think it's young people, young people fighting. We're investigating to see why it's occurring and who's all involved. There were a lot of people standing around, but I don't know how many people were involved in the actual fight," said Lt. Todd LePine, Green Bay Police Department.LePine also said he had just learned the incidents may be linked to gangs, but that's still being investigated.Police say a couple of disorderly conduct citations have been issued but could not confirm if they were given to current students.On Friday, Preble administrators asked for more police officers at the school and sent students home at different times.Over the weekend the school principal emailed parents about the altercations and increased police presence on campus."We will look at each and every student involved and if it means moving for expulsion, we will certainly go down that road. We will not tolerate disruptions like this or any potential gang activity or aggressive behaviors in our schools," said Green Bay Area Public School District superintendent Michelle Langenfeld.The superintendent also said police will remain on campus as long as the school feels it's necessary.As police continue with the investigation the school says the goal is to keep students safe.Police officials also indicated that while they are aware of gang activity in the area, they say they are not aware of any increased activity.