Court hearing postponed in child abuse case

Jeana and Troy Riehl (Fond du Lac Co. Sheriff's Office)
Jeana and Troy Riehl (Fond du Lac Co. Sheriff's Office)
UPDATE: Jeana Riehl's attorney asked the judge to postpone the preliminary hearing because of some questions about court documents. Troy Riehl's attorney, along with prosecutors, agreed.

No new date has been announced for the hearing.


FOND DU LAC - A Fond du Lac couple accused of beating their children until they bled could find out Friday if they will go to trial.

Jeana and Troy Riehl are facing charges stemming from abuse that officials say could date back to 2008.

Court documents say Jeana would beat her two adopted children with items like rolling pins, hunting arrows and a horse whip.

According to the criminal complaint, Jeana starved the children and locked them in rooms for days on end.
The documents say Troy Riehl saw the abuse, but never reported it.

In the complaint, Jeana says the children exaggerated the abuse. She says she never denied them food, but did admit to hitting them with objects.

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