Farm Markets open to big mid-week crowds

The new Appleton Mid-Week Farm Market opened on June 4, 2014.
The new Appleton Mid-Week Farm Market opened on June 4, 2014.

APPLETON/GREEN BAY- People were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine Wednesday, as the Appleton Mid-Week Farm Market opened for the first time.

Up in Green Bay, the Broadway Farmer's Market kicked off its eleventh season.

The tents are up, the crafts are out, and the vendors are excited to go at the first Appleton Mid-Week Farm Market.

“They all liked the idea of a Wednesday here in Appleton so we were able to bring in some of our favorite vendors but we were also able to take some off of the waiting list,” said Djuanna Hagdahl, director of the Appleton Farm Market.

Organizers and vendors say they're building on the weekend market's success, but catering to a different crowd.

“There are so many farmer's markets on the weekend it's really kind of getting saturated and the mid-week markets are very few of,” said Terry Schmoldt, selling produce and eggs.

And despite fewer vegetables at this point in the spring, customers found enough.

“Got some bakery and my wife's buying some tomatoes. And it's been pretty good. It's a lot better than I expected,” said Dennis Lichtenberg, who was in from Clintonville enjoying downtown Appleton.

Folks we spoke with here at the midweek market in Appleton say they're happy to have one in their community rather than driving up to Green Bay.

The Broadway Farmer's Market also opened for the season Wednesday.

“That's the time that tells you we're done with winter, it's time to enjoy the summer,” said Christopher Naumann of On Broadway, Inc.

Naumann says the market welcomes competition.

“The farmer's market trend so to speak has been growing over the past few years. We got in early and we've been able to grow it very aggressively. We love to have those sister markets out there and we wish Appleton the best but certainly nothing can beat the Broadway market,” said Naumann.

One bonus for some adults: The Green Bay market sells alcohol. Appleton's doesn't. But most say it's not the beer that brings them out each week.

“The bumping into old friends and reacquainting with the people you haven't seen in years,” said Don Berg of Green Bay.

Making memories and building on the farmer's market traditions for years to come.

The Appleton Market runs through September 24. The Farmer's Market on Broadway runs through October first.