Fans brave cold for Timber Rattlers opening day

Fans brave cold for Timber Rattlers opening day
Fans brave cold for Timber Rattlers opening day

GRAND CHUTE - For Timber Rattlers fans this is the start of an exciting time of year.

"I like the Timber Rattlers and it's fun to watch," said Alyson Morris.

"It's just an awesome sport, it's a lot of fun and they interact with the kids a lot out here, which is pretty cool," said Alana Morris.

While the season opener is usually a sign of spring, Old Man Winter stuck around this year.

Some fans took shelter under heat lamps, others set up camp in the stands.

"Lots of layers, warm blankets, hot cocoa, coffee. As long as the kids are warm we're good," said Alana Morris.

Some admit it would be nicer if it was just a little warmer.

"Cause if it's warm, it's easier to watch the game and if it's cold you have to bundle up in blankets in stuff," said Maddy Morris.

The players agree, saying it's tough to play in the cold, but it's what they prepare for each spring.

"It's something we have to deal with every year when we come up to Appleton, or in the Midwest League in general, but that's out of our control," said Timber Rattlers Manager Matt Erickson.

"A lot of it comes down to your mental approach to the game. If you let it affect you, it's probably gonna hurt you," said Timber Rattlers pitcher Taylor Williams.

While the cold is unwelcome, it's certainly not unexpected.

"No! This is Wisconsin. One day it's freezing and the next day it's 80. So Mother Nature's not very forgiving this year," said Alana Morris.

And these fans are hoping Old Man Winter realizes he's stayed a little too long.

Just a little fact for you, five of the Timber Rattlers first seven games were canceled last year for bad weather.