Envelope factory building owner quiet on facility's closing

Cenveo in Grand Chute as seen on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)
Cenveo in Grand Chute as seen on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)

GRAND CHUTE - The reason for Grand Chute envelope manufacturer Cenveo’s closure is one you don’t normally hear.

FOX 11 first told you Wednesday about the company’s plan to layoff nearly 150 employees from the old National Envelope facility by June.

FOX 11 continued to follow this story Thursday, because of this statement from Cenveo:

“It’s a difficult decision and a tough day for those impacted,” Cenveo’s envelope group president Mark Hiltwein told FOX 11 Wednesday. “We don’t take these things lightly, but the landlord put us in a difficult situation.”

Hiltwein says Spirit Realty Capital – which owns the building – refused to deal with Cenveo and a lease agreement couldn't be reached.

FOX 11 reached out to Spirit on Wednesday and didn’t hear back.

Thursday, FOX 11 tried again and spent most of the day calling Spirit’s executives, leaving multiple voicemails, including on some executives cell phones.

FOX 11 wanted to know why a deal couldn't be reached to keep the facility open.

Twice, FOX 11’s Bill Miston was able to talk to someone. However, he was either referred to someone else, or told his contact information and the reason for his call would be passed on.

He never got a call back.