Correction: Mary Burke on Act 10

Video still from March 19, 2014 interview with Mary Burke
Video still from March 19, 2014 interview with Mary Burke

WLUK-TV FOX 11 is correcting a story we reported Wednesday night at 9:00 and Thursday morning on Good Day Wisconsin.

In that story, we inaccurately reported that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke would seek to repeal Act 10.

In an effort to clarify and correct that story, we now present our reporter's question and candidate Burke's response in its entirety. FOX 11 News apologizes for the error.

Reporter: “If you are elected governor, will you do anything to reverse the measure of Act 10 or any of the education cuts?”

“What I would do is I would work to restore collective bargaining. I believe that that does not stand in the way of making sure we have an effective and efficient and accountable public sector, including our schools. But we also have to make sure that we are able to attract and retain great people into our teaching profession, because for our students to thrive and our schools to thrive, we need thriving educators as well who do have the supports in order to deal and educate our children and our workforce of the future. So it is important, and I support our Common Core state standards. I know Gov. Walker has said that he does not want to see those. Frankly, they’re needed to make sure we are having a competitive workforce in the future. They’re a great framework so that our students are developing the critical thinking skills they need to compete for future jobs.”