Easter fun in Fond du Lac


FOND DU LAC - Easter weekend is a time for traditions, like dying eggs.

Another tradition is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Fond du Lac Aquatic Center.  This is the event's 12th year.

"Just brings the community together and what better way than to do it for kids?" said Kristine Butzine, the event coordinator.

This year the activities were designed so kids could have fun and get some exercise at the same time.

"I wanted to challenge the kids a little bit, get them a little bit more physically active than what they normally would in a regular hunt," said Butzine.

Instead of finding eggs, the goal was earning eggs.  The children did so by completing activities at several stations.

There were some favorites.

Ashton Hawkinson liked the balloon activity.

"Because you get to toss a balloon in the air and try to keep it up there!" exclaimed Hawkinson.

And some, like the bunny hop, which were a little more difficult.

"I couldn't keep myself up," said Hawkinson.

For parents it was good to get out.

"The weather is so much better now.  So it's nice to get out of the house.  We all have cabin fever and it's a fun community activity," said Kelli Anderson.

And with the weekend ahead, more traditions are still to come.

"I really like the eggs, finding them around my house and doing Easter crafts," said Isabel Pieper.

"We're gonna spend time with out grandma and grandpa," said Hannah-Jo Anderson.

"Have an Easter egg hunt out on the big hill," said Hawkins.