Earth Day event an opportunity to recycle electronics

earth day
earth day

MENASHA - People in Menasha celebrated the upcoming Earth Day by donating used and unwanted electronics.

It's part of an "Earth Day Computer and Electronics Recycle Drive."

The event took place at the Earl Litho parking lot in Menasha.

People could drop off their unwanted electronics such as computers, televisions and refrigerators for free.

There was a small fee for items with leaded glass.

Those involved say it's important to dispose of these materials properly.

"A lot of the electronics have mercury and Freon and things that just don't decompose. They're horrible for the environment and those are the things we want to keep out of the landfills, out of the ground, we want to recycle them properly," said Joseph Britz, owner of New Earth Recycling.

There will be another e-waste recycle drive next Saturday and Sunday, at the same location, starting at 10:00 a.m.