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      Downtown business owners not worried about video fallout

      This still frame is taken from a cellphone video of an incident between a Green Bay police officer and a citizen, April 18, 2014.
      This still frame is taken from a cellphone video of an incident between a Green Bay police officer and a citizen, April 18, 2014.
      GREEN BAY - Downtown Green Bay business owners say customers shouldn't be concerned for their safety in the area. This is coming up after a viral cell phone video came out involving Green Bay Police.FOX 11 first showed you the video Monday.It was shot last weekend, as people were leaving the bars on Washington Street at closing time. The incident started as police questioned a man for allegedly bringing a drink outside of a bar. You can hear people swearing at officers in the video, including 29-year-old Joshua Wenzel. Officer Derek Wicklund can be seen taking down Wenzel, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.The Downtown Hospitality Association met Thursday and the video was on the agenda. However, business owners aren't making any changes because what happened.Adams Street Pub is one block down and one street over from where this video was shot last weekend. Owner Beau Gille says his business has never had to deal with police."Since we started, knock on wood, we've been in business over two years and have never had to deal with that," said Gille.Gille says it is probably the same story for other downtown bars."It was an extremely isolated incident," said Gille. "I think in an entertainment district, when you're bringing as many people down here as we as a group are, you're going to have a couple bad apples here and there."Green Bay police say those apples have become scarcer."Actually after we started our initiative over two years ago to try and calm things downtown, things have gotten quite a bit better," said Captain Bill Galvin with the Green Bay Police Department.Last year, the Downtown Hospitality Association teamed up with police to come up with an improvement plan for the area."Incidents like this haven't been occurring," said Galvin. "We'll have minor violations when alcohol is involved, but the incidents downtown have decreased markedly."As for business, Gille doesn't see the exposure of the video having much impact."It'll be in the back of people's minds before you know it to be honest with you," said Gille. "I'm not concerned long-term or short-term, at all."