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      Denmark wins spring voter challenge

      GREEN BAY - Voters in the village of Denmark have bragging rights after last week's election.

      According to the nonpartisan Project VOTE, the community had the highest percentage of registered voters participate in the spring election.

      Denmark led all municipalities in Brown County with a 40.7 percent voter turnout, earning the community Project VOTE's traveling Voter Challenge trophy.

      Among the things on the ballot in Denmark was an $800,000 school referendum, which was approved by voters.

      The town of New Denmark, with a turnout of 39.4 percent, and the village of Ashwaubenon, with a turnout of 35.9 percent, rounded out the top three municipalities in the voter challenge.

      Project VOTE leaders say the competition brings out the best in voters.

      "By having a traveling trophy and creating that competition it does seem to encourage other voters. And them to encourage the others in their neighborhood who haven't been voting," said Glen Tilot, Project VOTE manager.

      Denmark has won the trophy before, taking home top turnout honors for the fall 2006 and spring 2010 elections.