Deal falls apart for Green Bay homeless daytime center

Proposed daytime resource center
Proposed daytime resource center

GREEN BAY - In less than a year, two different Green Bay landlords have backed out on a proposed daytime resource center for the homeless.

The latest location was for the office of a warehouse building on South Adams Street, near the Mason Street Bridge.

Members of Green Bay's homeless task force admit they are a bit worn out.

“We need to take a little break as we're, I will admit for myself, a little bit tired at this moment,” said Jane Jordan of Lutheran Social Services.

Last September, the task force had a deal to put a daytime resource center in the basement of the Wisconsin Jobs Center building on Cherry Street. However, the landlord pulled out, just like the landlord of the Mason Street building did on Wednesday afternoon.

“He shared that the tenant that's already renting the back portion of the building is uncomfortable with all that has occurred,” said Jordan.

Bob Vanderkelen owns the building. He told FOX 11 he wasn't interested in an interview.

“I'd say it's very frustrating,” said Alderman Mark Steuer, who is also a member of the homeless task force.

Steuer is concerned the city's homeless task force might be tired of trying to find a location.

“It's not working right now the way we'd like it to work, so now we're going to look at the city and say it's time to step up to the plate,” said Steuer.

Steuer says he isn't sure if taxpayer dollars should be a part of the solution. However, Steuer believes a daytime center could help by cutting down on police calls.

“So in a sense would we be spending money?” said Steuer. “We could be saving money.”

There are neighbors who were both in support and opposition of the center going in at this site. Members of the task force say they expect that with any location they might find next.

“There are certainly probably more possibilities,” said Jordan. “I do not know what they could be.”

For now, members of the task force say they're going to wait for someone to come forward with a new opportunity.

The goal of the daytime center is to provide information to the homeless on jobs and health care.

Last month, the city’s plan commission recommended a conditional use permit for the resource center. However, the city council twice delayed a vote on the permit, including this past Tuesday.