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      Deadlines approaching for health insurance coverage

      APPLETON - The deadline to buy health insurance or face fines is fast approaching. You have until March 31 to enroll online through the federal market place.If you want to be insured by April 1, you will need to enroll by a week from Saturday.As of February 1, more than 56,000 Wisconsinites have signed up for health insurance through HealthCare.gov.That's an increase of almost 16,000 people since January.The Partnership Community Health Center in Appleton offered assistance Friday."We're here to make sure that everybody's insured and it depends on income level of course. If they have the higher income level then they are eligible for the Affordable Care Act and lower income level, they're most likely eligible for Medicaid," said Shannon Frelich, application counselor.If you still need to sign up for health insurance you can dial 2-1-1. It will give you information about events in your area.