Data breach keeps colleges on alert

File photo (WLUK)
File photo (WLUK)

GREEN BAY- Area colleges are on high alert.

That's after a computer virus put student's information at risk at UW-Parkside.

Information security officers at UW-Green Bay say this type of attack could happen anywhere.

UW-Parkside employees discovered malware, a type of virus, on an admissions server.

“It's things that typically allows a hacker to operate that computer remotely,” said David Kieper, an Information Technology Security Official at UW-Green Bay.

Fifteen thousand names and personal information at Parkside could possibly be compromised.

“Name is probably less of an issue, or an address, because that's really directory information. That stuff is readily available. It's really when you get the birth date, social security number and the name. Those three together is where problems will occur,” said Kieper.

David Kieper with UW-Green Bay says important information on his campus is protected by Firewalls, and trained I-T professionals.

“We watch those servers to see who is allowed to get to those servers, it's a very limited group of people,” said Kieper.

Students we spoke with at UW-Green Bay say while they are aware of the data breech at UW Parkside they don't believe the information they're giving the university is going to be compromised.

“I feel really safe. I've never had that happen yet for my three years here,” said Timothy Zietz, a junior.

“I guess I know it's there, but I don't think about it every time I log on the internet,” said Leah Van Zeeland, a senior.

"I’ve seen enough security protocols in their networks where I personally feel safe,” said Richard Schibly, a computer science major.

Kieper says he plans on meeting with his colleagues around the UW system to make sure a breach like this doesn't happen again.

UW-Parkside has said it doesn't believe any personal information or social security numbers were downloaded.

However, it asks students to keep a close eye on their bank accounts to be safe.

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