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      Curling interest grows with Winter Olympics

      APPLETON - Thanks to the Winter Olympics the sport of curling is gaining some area attention.The Appleton Curling Club put on the ton of fun Junior Bonspiel event this weekend.Kids from all over the state took part in the event.Teams are made up of all ages, and can either be in the competitive or developing division.Awards were handed out to both the first and second place teams in each division.Event organizers say curling clubs are popping up all over the U-S."Clubs across the country are all growing, in fact, we're getting new clubs in new states and new places. So we have Hawaii coming up with a club, Colorado, Florida's starting a club, so those things are starting to pop up with interest and exposure that we get on national television," said Junior Bonspiel Chair Scott Armstrong.Organizers say they hope to get more people interested in the sport of curling.