Court upholds dismissal of Oneida petition

A tribal appeals court has upheld a decision dismissing a petition seeking the removal of Oneida tribal chairman Ed Delgado.

Brian Doxtator submitted a petition with 623 signatures, seeking Delgado's removal for alleged violations of the tribe's code of ethics and other violations. The trial court dismissed the claim.

An appeal was filed, and in a decision dated March 27, the tribe's appeals court upheld the ruling.

Eric Wimberger, Delgado's attorney, issued the following statement:

"Chairman Delgado has diligently advocated for all of his constituents and worked for the Tribe's best interests while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Accusations in the Petition for Removal lacked supporting evidence. Evidence lacked because the accusations were false. Truth eventually emerged. With finality from the Appellate Court, Chairman Delgado looks forward to maintaining and improving productive and beneficial relationships in our community. Always important and serious issues at hand, Chairman Delgado will strive to be a positive and productive leader for the Oneida Nation."