Controversy continues over 'Cross the Line'

WLUK photo.
WLUK photo.

MARINETTE- Some parents in Marinette are still concerned about a controversial class activity weeks ago.

And Tuesday night, they received an apology from the school board.

Though it wasn't on the agenda, concerned community members packed this Marinette School Board meeting ready to sound off on a lesson at the middle school last month.

“I realized that maybe I should have been teaching them that there's a time to say ‘that's none of your business.’ And that's what I want the school board to be aware of,” said Diana Grant, a grandmother of a student.

Middle schoolers participated in an activity called Cross the Line. They were asked questions, like their hobbies. If they answered "yes" they crossed the room.

But then they were asked heavier questions like if they've harmed themselves.

That's something still aggravating some in the community, who are looking for disciplinary action against middle school administrators who led the activity.

“I think we'll get a delay I think we're going to hear 'I think we need to look into this further.' But I think if it was serious enough they would have looked into it already,” said Grant.

But not every parent agrees with this group.

“What's done is done. All we can do is move on. All we can do is take the negative of it and make it into a positive,” said mom Jackie Valind. “How could they change the program? How could they make it better?”

The school board president did read an apology from the school.

We asked the superintendent and school board for further comment on the Cross the Line issue before Tuesday night's meeting. They declined.