Concertmaster to play returned violin

returned violin
returned violin

MILWAUKEE - A stolen violin will return to the stage Monday night, in the hands of the Milwaukee musician after a brazen robbery.

Concertmaster Frank Almond will perform at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center. He held an informal rehearsal in front of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. It was Almond's first time playing the Stradivarius for an audience since he was attacked and the violin was stolen.

"It's kinda like riding the same bike," Almond said. "But you look at the bike really differently."

Almond was leaving a performance on January 27 when two men allegedly attacked him with a Taser and took the rare instrument.

Milwaukee police found the violin nine days later in the attic of a home on E. Smith St.

"To have something like that reappear so soon which is really a testament to all of the authorities who were working on it," said Almond.