Community reaches out to Preble after fire

bullfrogs 50 50 preble
bullfrogs 50 50 preble

GREEN BAY - As soon as the fire started, word got out across Green Bay. Many people expressed their Preble pride, or just wanted to help.

The unique bonding experience in the aftermath of the fire began Friday morning with the Preble High School Football team.

"The hill that we were running up the helmets and shoulder pads up, that's the hill they're used to running up. That's the hill we use for conditioning purposes so it was great to see the players and coaches came together and try to overcome this,” said Tim Larsen, the Preble High School Varsity Football Coach.

Throughout the day, many Preble students and staff members turned to Twitter to talk about the fire.
The hashtag #PreblePride bearing messages of encouragement.

And the Preble Pride continued out at the ball park Friday night. The Green Bay Bullfrogs baseball team donated 50 percent of its 50/50 raffle to help the school.

"Preble plays baseball here at this filed just like we do and obviously tragedy struck last night which is unfortunate,” said Liz Kern, the General Manager of the Green Bay Bullfrogs.

This proud Preble parent was in the crowd and purchased arms-lengths of tickets.

"The kids depend on the sports and the school and to have the damage where they can't do that stuff,” said Chris Biskner. “Anything to help the school.”

Some Bullfrogs workers wore Preble shirts, to show support.

"I didn’t' go there but I played there and have pretty good memories from basketball and all that stuff. I just wanted to get the word out,” said Ashley Freeman, who attended Green Bay Southwest High School and works for the Bullfrogs.

And this Preble alum we found says the outpouring of support shows just how caring the community can be.

"People got big hearts. They'll do whatever they can, because Preble is the best!" said Kay Gokey, who graduated from Preble High School.

The Bullfrogs say they will donate $880 total to Preble High School from the 50-50 raffle and a donation collection at Friday’s game.