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      Cold snap puts planting on hold in Northeast Wisconsin

      A flower blooms in Larry's Bellevue Gardens on Friday, May 16, 2014, despite cold temperatures outside.
      A flower blooms in Larry's Bellevue Gardens on Friday, May 16, 2014, despite cold temperatures outside.

      GREEN BAY- Plenty of folks around our area say they're pulling in their plants for the night and turning on their furnaces.

      At Larry's Bellevue Gardens, green thumbs are itching to get these plants in the ground.

      “Get ahead of the crowd for tomorrow. I assume everybody's going to be out tomorrow and the next day,” said Ruth Manders, buying plants with her husband Ron.

      But owner Larry Rabas says with overnight temperatures near freezing, plants bought today could be in danger.

      “The impatiens right now, the begonias too, that would be something that you'd have to bring in or cover really, really well,” said Rabas. “If you've got peppers or tomatoes, they don't last in none of this kind of weather.”

      Gardeners say they've been taking precautions.

      “I've got some at home already and I've been putting them out every morning and in every night,” said Manders.

      This greenhouse says they're keeping their heartier plants outside for most of the time. That way it's not as much of a shock to the plant going from a warm green house to a cool garden.

      Across town, Chuck Ellingson spent part of Friday spraying for weeds. He says he's a week behind on his gardening.

      “Garden we haven't started. I'll probably next week start tilling it up. Then my wife will plant on it,” said Ellingson.

      While his plants might not be growing yet, his energy bill from turning on his furnace is.

      “These bills I have been getting are like last year's winter bills. They are a little bit more expensive even though I bought a brand new furnace this year,” he said.

      But gardeners say it's Wisconsin. And while some of their flowers may be impatiens, they can't be while waiting for it to warm up.

      Our area usually experiences its last frost around the middle of May. The coldest it has ever been on this overnight coming up is 29 degrees, 123 years ago.