Closer Look: Antlerless deer harvest

File photo (Wisconsin DNR/Vicki Sokolowski)
File photo (Wisconsin DNR/Vicki Sokolowski)

How widespread was the drop in the kill of antlerless deer in the northern part of the state? We take a closer look at last fall's hunt.

We're focusing on the 16 counties in the northern part of our area and beyond, plus the northern third of Oconto County.

Hunters in four counties harvested more antlerless deer in 2013 than 2012. Vilas County was way up.

In six counties, the harvest dropped 30 percent or less compared to the year before.

The antlerless harvest dropped more than 30 percent in seven counties.

The most extreme drops were in Iron County (63 percent) and Florence County (56 percent).

Overall, for these 17 counties, the 2013 harvest was just less than 21,000 antlerless deer, a decrease of 16 and a half percent from 2012.

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