Clerk cites mismatched ballots for error

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY - We have new details on the Election Day error in Kaukauna.

On Tuesday, in Kaukauna's Ward 3, more than 130 voters received ballots for either Ward 1 or 2.

Those wards all vote at the same polling location, but Ward 3 casts its votes for a different County Board seat.

During the voting canvass in Outagamie County Friday, poll supervisors explained that the color of the slips of paper used to count how many voters voted in a specific ward did not didn't match the color of the ballot, which it usually does.

So, poll workers matched the colors of the voting slips.

"I guess we start to color coordinate the poll books, the ballots, and the voter slips," said Susan Duda, the city clerk for Kaukauna.

However, the Outagamie County Clerk says finding out what went wrong, doesn't end the process of trying to fix the mistake.

"Absentee voters could have cast a ballot on Tuesday and the clerk has until today to receive that. The municipal board of canvassers need to reconvene, they need to meet and determine whether those ballots can be counted and those ballots will be added,” said County Clerk Lori O’Bright.

After Monday's absentee ballot deadline, the County will meet with Kaukauna voting officials to possibly certify the election results.

The Outagamie County Clerk anticipates the county board supervisor candidates affected by the ballot problems in District 10 and District 13 may ask for a recount.