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      Gov. Walker makes list of 'most influential people'

      Gov. Scott Walker applauds during his State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature in the Assembly chambers at the state Capitol Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, in Madison.
      GRAND CHUTE - Gov. Scott Walker, Beyonce and the president of Russia are in the same category, according to TIME Magazine.The publication named the three to its list of the 100 most influential people of 2014. Even Walker's opponents admit he's influential.During a visit in Grand Chute Thursday, the governor says he is honored."I think the nice thing that I want to stress though, is that it's really about we did, not what I did, in Wisconsin," said Walker. "What got their attention was the fact the past few years we've pushed some really bold reforms here in the state."The list of 100, which is not in any order, is posted on TIME's website.Walker was nominated by fellow Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Walker is pictured leaning against a motorcycle with the state Capitol in the background.Christie wrote three paragraphs about Walker, detailing his fight over public workers' collective bargaining abilities and his successful defeat of a recall election.Related Stories: >>More Stories "It was an interesting piece," said Walker. "Chris is a good friend, and I respect the work he's done in New Jersey."Wisconsin Democrats told FOX 11 they're not impressed, but admit that Walker has had an impact."You know, with the amount of money he's raised from very extreme Tea Party folks, I guess he probably is influential in those circles. But you know, unfortunately, the influence he's had in Wisconsin has been very negative for our economy," said Melissa Baldauff, the spokesperson for the state Democratic Party.Other leaders on the list include President Obama, Pope Francis, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.Also noted are David and Charles Koch, the founders of Americans for Prosperity. That group has spent millions of dollars in support of Walker."I mean again, they've got a wide spectrum of people from across the country and around the globe, that have an impact one way or the other," said Walker.The list also includes pop singers Beyonce and Miley Cyrus and tennis star Serena Williams.