Chiropractors remind parents of backpack safety


GREEN BAY - With children going back to school, chiropractors remind parents to not overload their child's backpack.

Some children, in fact, had their backpacks fitted at a chiropractor's office Tuesday.

Chiropractors say if bags are too heavy, it can lead to strained muscles and joints. They also suggest finding bags with extra padding on the shoulder straps.

Julie Wyss, a chiropractor, says addressing the issue early avoids developing bad habits, "So if their used to throwing their backpack on one shoulder, that's how their going to be doing it from here on out through high school. So we want to be cautious of always wearing both of the straps on the shoulders and making sure we're not carrying more than 10 percent of their body weight in their backpacks."

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's most recent data, 14,000 children from ages 5 to 18 received hospital treatment in 2011 because of backpack injuries.