Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day
Celebrating Father's Day

GREEN BAY - Father's Day is this Sunday and the United States Census Bureau estimates there are more than 70 million dads across the country.

Brian Bartell is one of those dads. Bartell's spending some quality time out on the water with his son and his daughter Friday.

"They mean my whole life," said Bartell.

Bartell says if it wasn't for his children, he wouldn't be the man he is today.

When asked how his children have made an impact on his life he says, "They've made me grow up for one thing, when we first started having them and accept more responsibility."

His daughter Rachel has also learned a few things from her dad.

"I've definitely learned to not give up. There have been trials, tribulations, as with any family, but my dad's always stuck by my side," said Rachel Bartell.

It's a sentiment that can be seen in retail stores including the greeting card sections dedicated to Father's Day.

But not all cards show dads in a positive way. Some cards show dad sitting in a chair and drinking a beer.

Customers like Susan James look past the humor and search for the ones with meaningful words like proud, loving, and kind.

Those emotions are highlighted in new commercial by Dove Men+Care. The ad celebrates positive images of dads.

"I teach them to be men of integrity," said president of My Brother's Keeper Harry Sydney.

His organization mentors men and young boys, some of whom are fathers.

"In our program integrity means knowing what the right thing to do is and be willing to do it at all times," Sydney said.

Sydney says fathers play a very important role in their child's life.

"The biggest thing I think every father should know is that you are loved for your sacrifice and there's no harm in loving back," Sydney said.