Celebrate Summer with Door Peninsula Winery

Door Peninsula Winery
Door Peninsula Winery

Jesse with Door Peninsula Winery in Carlsville joins Living with Amy to talk about some delicious summer cocktails. Take a look.

Door County Sunset Martini:

3/4 oz Door County Distillery’s Cherry Vodka
2 oz Sunset Splash wine
2 oz orange juice

Put ingredients into shaker cup with ice. Shake, then pour into martini glasses. Add grenadine (this will fall to bottom of the glass).

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Gin Basil Cooler:

Muddle two pieces thinly-sliced cucumbers and two basil leaves in a glass. Squeeze wedge of lime and drop into glass. Fill glass with ice. Add 1-1/4 oz Door County Distillery’s Gin. Top off with tonic. Garnish with straw and slice of cucumber.