Burglary suspect arrested at state trooper's house

File photo.
File photo.
WAUPACA COUNTY - An off-duty state trooper is being credited with catching the suspect in a string of burglaries across at least four counties.

The Wisconsin State Patrol says Trooper Jim Binder woke up around 2:20 a.m. Monday to let a pet outside. He noticed a strange car parked in his driveway. The trooper got dressed, put on his duty belt with his issued gun, and went to investigate.

Near the empty car, Binder came face-to-face with a person whose legs were covered with snow. Binder identified himself as a state trooper and questioned the person, who said his car had run out of gas. After further questioning, he admitted going into a shed on the property. Binder handcuffed the person and kept him until sheriff's deputies could come and take him to jail.

Binder and deputies searched the area and found that some things, including power tools and a shotgun, were missing. State Patrol officials say stolen items were also found in the suspect's car. He is suspected in similar burglaries in the area, including break-ins as far away as Door County.