Brownie Graduation Caps

Brownie Graduation Caps
Brownie Graduation Caps

Ingredients for each cap:

1 purchased brownie bite or brownie baked in mini muffin tin
purchased or home made frosting
Ghirardelli chocolate square
mini M & M
strip cut from Airhead Xtreme candy


Place brownie on work surface with large side down. Top with a little frosting and place unwrapped chocolate square with the printed side of chocolate facing down on top of brownie. Cut 1 color from airhead strip, cut into 2 pieces. (Use for 2 different caps). Put a dot of frosting in middle of chocolate square and attach the strip of candy for the tassel, trim to appropriate length. Put a little dot of frosting on top of the tassel, where it is attached in the middle of chocolate and top with the same color mini M & M as the tassel.

This is more of a method than a recipe. If baking your own mini muffins brownies, you may have to trim them to make the top of bottom flat, suggest using the purchased brownie bites.