Both Sides: Giant icicle dispute in Milwaukee

Giant icicle dispute
Giant icicle dispute

MILWAUKEE- A Milwaukee man's snowy ice sculpture is creating quite a stir.

Dave Schardt's sculpture stands 30 feet high and 6 feet around.

It took a few weeks for the sculpture to reach its current size and to grab the city's attention.

Dave got a three day order to stop construction.

The department of neighborhood services says Dave's sculpture violates city codes because it's on a city park.

Dave is hoping it doesn't come down.

We hear from both sides.

"The weight of this structure lends it to falling in some predictable manner. So it's better we take it down now and know that it'll be done safely and quickly,” said Todd Weilder, Department of Neighborhood Services.

"Definitely not worth the effort. It's a beautiful thing. A beautiful piece of nature kinda now. No reason to take it down,” said Schardt.

No word yet on if the sculpture will have to come down.