Bird watchers help collect scientific data


GREEN BAY - It was all about our feathered friends in Green Bay Saturday.

Bird watchers could take part in the annual "Great Backyard Bird Count" at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

The four-day event engages bird watchers of all ages across North America.

Participants watch, count and tally the birds they see.

The data will then be used by scientists to determine bird populations and trends.

Organizers say they need your help with the research.

"We encourage everyone in Northeast Wisconsin who wants to take 15 minutes out of their day and do this. It would be real helpful to the data base, and give us a really nice body of knowledge to determine what's happening to the birds of Northeast Wisconsin," said Mike Reed with the sanctuary.

Reed says anyone can do it.

For 15 minutes a day, count the birds at your bird feeder or wherever, then tally the number of birds of each species seen together.

Next, fill out an online checklist. You can find it by clicking here.